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Eternal Orgonite

What is Orgonite

Orgonite  is made from metals resin and healing crystals including copper and  gold it  emits negative ions which charge and bind together with  positive ions bringing balance in and around whatever area they are  placed.

We are all made of energy known as Orgone this is our life force energy.

by  owning a piece of Orgonite it has the ability to draw in any stagnant  or harmful energy and transform it into natural Orgone having an amazing  healing effect on yourself and the whole world.

These "Powerful  Healing devices" not only balance your home but can protect you against  harmful EMFs that can come from your electrical appliances i.e computer,  mobile phone and television to name a few 

Benefits of Orgonite

There are many reports of the benefits of Orgonite these are just a few

Mood enhancing
More energy
Better sleep
Vivid dreams
decreased sensitivity to EMFs
Spiritual growth
Psychological growth

pain relief

stangant energy removal

uplifting spirits
the list is endless 

Eternal Orgonite

When  our loved ones or beloved pets pass away, it leaves a huge void in our  lives. Their energy lives on, but we miss their physical presence.  Eternal Orgonite is a powerful healing device and a beautiful way to  capture your loved ones essence eternally. Our Orgoniteers respectfully  add your loved ones cremation ashes into your chosen piece, working in  our sacred environment. Each piece is reiki charged and blessed by  Heavenly Helen herself.

Angel codes and sacred symbol vibrations  are charged through each piece. Your loved ones ashes will be blended  with healing crystals and will not be clearly visable, but will twinkle  like a solitary star in the universe. 

How to order

 Firstly , all you need to  do is to decide on which product is right for you then once  purchased  we will post  your Welcome pack with all the information you  need to complete your order, this will include a pre paid envelope and a  sealed pouch for your loved ones Cremation ashes.  The amount of ashes  required is a level teaspoon and any unused ashed will be send back to  you with love

We completely understand this can be a very  emotional time for you and we aim to make the order process as simple  and as smooth as possible.

Our Orgoniteers

 How Your Chosen Orgonite is Created 
Our  Orgoniteers work closely with Heavenly Helen in a very sacred space  with finely tuned psychic energy.  Healing music is played throughout the  process and the moment your loved ones or beloved pets cremation ashes are blended  with our healing crystals and added to your Orgonite Heavenly Helen  personally charges each piece with healing energy . 
The whole creation of your chosen piece is gently made with love and respect .
Giving you a beautiful hand made creation of your loved ones essense and memory 
captured Eternally

Declaration: Orgonite should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care  


your Eternal product can take up to three weeks for delivery from the moment we recieve your welcome pack.

We send it through Royal mail on a next day recorded delivery service

Your chosen piece will be placed  in a satin lined gift box and sent with our sincerest best wishes