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As a natural born clairvoyant and Reiki and Karuna Master/Teacher,  Helen uses her extensive knowledge and Spiritual gifts to offer Psychic Tarot readings for guidance and Healing sessions giving her clients the tools to lead a happier healthier life.  Helen also runs workshops and classes all over the UK teaching others the gift of Healing and psychic development.    



About Heavenly Helen

Helen developed her sixth sense and healing abilities from childhood. This enabled  her to see auras and subtle energies.  By using her clairvoyant and empathic senses she could feel what area a person needed healing and by scrying with her crystal ball could offer guidance into their life.
Helen has lived all over the UK and Channel Islands using her gifts of  healing and clairvoyance.

 As  a child she had her first pack of tarot  cards and crystal ball and these went with her throughout her life’s  journey.  Helen did readings all over the world as a gift for people  until she felt that she had enough life experience and wisdom to use her  gifts as a business and was able reach and help more people. 


What To Expect

Once you have booked your appointment with helen you will recieve a reminder a week before your date,  she is  based in a beautiful Victorian building in Longton Stoke on Trent which  is part of a business enterprise Centre with a communal waiting room and  purpose built healing room.

Helen has won awards as psychic of the year many times and helped hundreds of people throughout the years by using her clairvoyant  gifts and tapping into the spirit world for her psychic healing. Helen been described as a "warm and accurate healer helping to connect the world with the otherwordly"


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Heavenly Helen

St James House , Webbely Lane, Longton, Stoke on Trent ST3 1RJ



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