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Heavenly Haunts


You can now hire Helen and her amazing team of gifted psychics, mediums, mystics and paranormal investigators to run a paranormal investigation at YOUR venue. Heavenly Haunts are fully insured and bring their own equipment.  the evening will be filmed and may be shown on their youtube channel.  

What Your Guests receive


Helen has been running paranormal events for many years and prides herself on giving the public a chance to see the "otherside" by using psychic tools i.e dowsing pendulums, ouija boards , scrying mirrors and specialised paranormal technical equipment..

What we need from your venue


Your venue will need a communal area (to start the evening and conclude in) and three other areas to investigate ,  Most venues sell this to their customers as a meal and ghost Hunt evening and in our experience it has always sold out.   A public house or Hotel makes great venues also sports clubs and restaurants.

How Your evening will run


Once your guests are ready for the event the team will introduce themselves and their equipment . The guests will be seperated into three groups each with a team member the other three team members will be waiting in the three areas. each group will be lead to all three areas to participate in different techniques to contact the ghosts then lead back to the communal area to summarise their findings .

Not for the fainthearted


These evenings are a lot of fun, but also not for the fainthearted , there may be jumps, scares and things that go bump in the night .  Heavenly Helen will put a protection around everyone taking part. Our  investigations are done with greatest respect to the spirit world also to the venue itself. Guests are encouraged to take photographs during the evening you never no what you may capture

Making a booking


If you fancy a paranormal Event at YOUR venue please fill in the contact form below stating your venue details and preferred dates. please note these events are best suited to a Saturday evening.

One of our team will reply with more details within 48hrs. 

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