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 I went to see Helen feeling  rather low and negative about life in general, she actually sensed I  wasn't right even before I went! She did me a psychic tarot reading which was  100% accurate and a Reiki session which left me feeling happy and wonderful! The  visit to Helen was like a holiday, I went there feeling down in the  dumps and came away feeling refreshed, revitalized, calm & positive!  A lovely, understanding & spiritual lady." a satisfied customers 

Heather, Newcastle  -Under-Lyme

"Wow ive just had an email Tarot card  reading you are accurate and warm you are really gifted I dont think you  realise how you have helped me i would love to come and see you in  person in the future thankyou" Denise Wakeham Stoke on Trent

"I  wish to thank Helen for helping me with my problems she understood me  and helped me to regain my life back i feel more and more confidant  everyday i cannot find the words to thank her I will always recommend  her good work" Anon Stoke on Trent

"Thankyou for the  most relaxing day ive ever had in your beautiful lodge. The reiki  healing has helped so much with my stressfull job and everyone at work  can tell the difference, they are going to come and see you, it has also  helped my old knee injury so many thanks i will be back again" Sam  Stoke on Trent

"Helen was recommended to me through a  friend, since then I have had several different treatments. I find  Helens insight is extremely accurate, her treatments are therapeutic and  life enhancing. She is also a very genuine and professional person. I  recommend her to all of my friends" Sue Stoke on Trent

"I  had a Tarot card reading through email with Helen and was pleasantly  surprised as to how accurate she was even though we have not met i will  use this service again as its helped to shine a light on whats been a  difficult situation for me and would highly recommend her I have had  tarot card readings before but nothing as factual as this .... many  thanks Helen" Amy H U.S.A. California

Helen thankyou  for helping me to stop smoking i tried everything and you were  recommended to me you talked me through the treatment and since the  hypnosis ive not smoked as you know many thanks" P Kettering Sheffield

“The  level of service at Heavenly Hypnosis is fantastic. Having been a  customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the  professionalism of Helen. and you were spot on in my last tarot card  reading Thank you!” Mark Davies Scotland

“In this  day and age, it’s hard to find someone you can trust. Heavenly Hypnosis  was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the help I  received was outstanding. Keep up the good work! ...especially those  hopi ear candles wow” Kathleen D Stoke on Trent

The  experience I had when entering the new pyramid treatment was awesome. My  head was full of cold and within moments of stepping within the pyramid  and sitting down I felt my sinus begin draining. The pain relief was  remarkable, the pain had swollen under my eyes and to my relief the  puffiness also started to reduce .I so will be recommending this to all 

Thank you 

Amanda x 

Hi Helen

just  thought I would let you know how much better I felt the following day  after using your pyramid room and reike. I had the most amazing nights  sleep that I can remember, sleeping solidly without waking at all, very  unusual!

Also where I had the operation was significantly better too  and the pains I was experiencing before hand had reduced in severity.

Thankyou so much. 

Allan xx

wow  that pyramid power is amazing i want to come everyday i especially  loved the mystical ceiling i drifted away into another world highly  recommended 

love davey x

Heavenly Helen rocks , thankyou for all your healing with my family ... regrds G.S x

over  the last 3 yrs I have been to see Helen every month for readings n  healing, words can not sum up her amazing energy and support, I believe I  wouldn't have made it through if not for her :) thank you so so much  for helping and giving me a chance of life :) n here here for the  pyramid power xx Tracy

Helen's enthusiasm for her craft is without equal, as is the skill with which she applies her gifts to you. 

An angel walks amongst us. 

I  have had several treatments from Helen and I can not recommend her and  her amazing healing rooms enough. You really should try it for yourself.  The only draw back is Helen is so much in demand that the appointments  slots are limited, it is also a validation of how sought after her time  is. I love my healing sessions with Helen and look forward to my next  one.

Crystal healing with Helen is amazing I  have been having this on a regular basis for nearly 2 years now feel  great after it and very calm. It has also prevented me from having chest  infections its amazing and so is Helen would recommend her treatments  to anyone  love Tina x

the pyramid therapy has  me hooked! Wow what an amazing experience and I highly recommend it. The  visions I experienced were so beautiful, colours all enhanced I felt  like I had entered another world. The sensations were mind blowing ,  feeling a lifting sensation then a falling green light healing what had  been removed. I bow to the pyramid I can't get over the sensations and  feel like I am floating into the day . My eyes felt so  different as if refreshed and seeing things more clearly, I could talk  all day but now it's time to say a big thank you to the wonderful helen,  a lady who ensures your visit is made so tranquil from the moment you  arrive to the moment you leave 

Love and blessings 

Mandy (stoke on trent)

after  much thought I ordered a set of heavenly healing rods i cannot tell you  the immediate effect they have had on me , i feel uplifted and pain  free i cant believe it , everyone should try these rods thankyou  thankyou thankyou helen x

jenny (Santa Fe USA)

Hi  Helen, used the healing rods last night for the first time, and all I  can say is wow! I fell asleep soon after and have woken up so calm and  energised thank you so much for your wonderful product. Blessings xx.   anonymous.


I cannot thank Helen for  her fantastic treatment, reading and advice today. From entering the  treatment room feeling lower than low, I emerged feeling on top of the  world yet relaxed. Helen has helped me to realise where I should be  heading and the future will be brighter. Helen's beautiful nature and  patience means so much to me and I could be in her company all day long.  Thank you so much. 

If there's is a angle on the earth I know her has Heavenly Helen. xxxx

Jill Stoke on Trent 

I  have now completed all three levels of Helen's Reiki courses and it's  been my proudest achievement to date. Helen is a great teacher and  guide, making learning clear and fun. Each course was enlightening,  rewarding and ultimately life-changing for me... I cannot recommend a  better person to have had the honour of training with. Reiki is a  beautiful gift, and Helen is an inspiration. If I could do it all again  tomorrow I would! Thankyou Helen x

Berni, Liverpool uk

I came to helen feeling extremly stressed and anxious,and thought the doom and gloom would never end ..

However i left feeling refreshed and full of energy,ready for anything.

Helen  is a lovely person who instantly makes you feel at ease,shes down to  earth caring and very passionate about what shes does.

Id like to thank helen for her crystal ball reading i recieved ....all is well this end.

But will see helen shortly as im booking in for healing .

Joanne stoke on trent uk 


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